D-Photo Measures v3.4.0

Posted by Christopher L Mock on Tuesday, July 30, 2013
D-Pho v3.4.0

D-Pho v3.4.0: 2.1

D-Pho v3.4.0: Draw measures .

D-Measures in-Pho. It's a new name new icon. new zoom feature draw even when objects other.

T application let's measures photo. After photos are marked measurements, they send , to gallery. Remember picture a thous.

An indispensible tool workers, engineers, architects, carpenters, real estate agents, auction sellers, ...

------------- Sketch -------------

- Use a pho library phone a new pho .

- Dimension arrows: 5 types.

- Angles

- Text boxes out details.

- Draw free-h.

- Metric units: m, cm, mm, yd, ft, ft-in.

- Different colors, angles boxes. Use that's visible picture a specific color for specific purposes.

- Graphical indication dimension be moved, edited.

- Zoom function .

------------- Organize -------------

- Custom pho.

By default, current date . Long-press context menu rename the photo.

- Folders.

Organize , customer.

------------- Share -------------

- Share full size photos .

- Share multiple drawings click.

What's New

Version 3.4.0


- Size PDF documents

New D-Photo Measures v3.4.0 :

- Organize folders.

- Add annotations directional arrows.



D-Photo Measures v3.4.0:


Download : D-Photo Measures v3.4.0 Instructions:


Mirror D-Photo Measures v3.4.0:


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